Responsible Gaming

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Are you at risk of developing gambling problems?


The game is an enjoyable and positive experience that does not represent any risk for most people.

But among the millions of players, there are also people for whom gambling is not only fun, but it has become or may become an issue.

The game can result in negative consequences in the life of a person and his family.

IGT is aware that the game can be a problem for a small part of the players in terms of excessive gambling and gambling addiction.

IGT promotes Responsible Gaming with the aim to provide fun and entertainment.

Tips For A Safer Gaming Experience

  1. Set your game limits and don't go over it - ever.
  2. Play only the amount of money initially determined
  3. Stop playing when you've exceeded the time limit set intially
  4. Do not play sums of money you cannot afford to lose
  5. Avoid spending money on gambling that is intended for other purposes
  6. If you have decided to stop playing, or to play less, strive to maintain this goal
  7. Avoid spending too much coins or small change for the rest of the game
  8. Do not play when you lose to win back losses
  9. Avoid considering gambling as a solution to your problems or concerns
  10. NEVER borrow money to gamble
  11. Consider that the money spent in the game is the price you pay for your fun
  12. Do not lie to your loved ones about the amounts you have gambled, or the time you have devoted to playing
  13. Ask for help if you think you're spending too much, or playing too frequently
  14. Do not take time off of work to play
  15. Do not play when you're feeling depressed, lonely, bored, tense, or anxious