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Underage Gaming

IGT services...

...are designed to be used by adults, defined as people age 18 and over. It is illegal for minors to gamble on, have an account with us, or to be registered on our online website. We strictly prohibit minors from gambling.

IGT will take all reasonable steps to ensure that minors cannot use our services. Before opening an account with us, players must provide a date of birth and assert that they are at least 18-years old.

IGT will work with customers to assure this is customized for their jurisdiction.

If players have an account with IGT and their children have access to the computer used to access the website, we encourage players to download and install a recognized child protection software package. This software will help prevent children from accessing our website.

If parents have immediate concerns about kids and gambling, they can call the Problem Gamblers Helpline.


Here are a few suggestions for parents to consider:

Parents should:
  • Recognize the signs that their kids may be gambling. They may:
  • Have friends who gamble regularly
  • Be obsessed with the results of professional sports
  • Lie or be secretive about gambling activities
  • Borrow or take money from others to gamble
  • Take money or possessions from the house
  • Have a loss of interest in social activities and general dissatisfaction
  • Show unjustified euphoria alternating with moments of sadness and loneliness
  • Drop in school performance
  • Display signs of apathy or nervousness when they cannot be in front of a computer
  • Remind their underage children that gambling is an adult activity
  • Not encourage their underage children to gamble or purchase lottery tickets for them as gifts
  • Never make assumptions: Underage gambling is not specific to any group, age, gender, or type of activity.
  • Talk to kids early: Begin a meaningful dialogue about the risks of gambling. It’s never too early to start the conversation about gambling and its risks. By opening a dialogue, parents help ensure that their kids are better prepared to make responsible choices nowand throughout their lives.
  • Keep their login information safe: Ensure that their account information is secure. Minors won’t be able to create their own account, but parents should be mindful of the possibility that kids could access their accounts and passwords, or use parents’ credit cards and personal information to create a fraudulent account.
  • Consider downloading computer safeguards: While content control tools may have their limitations, software is available that may block access to online gambling sites. Some operating systems also have built-in parental controls. However, parents should always remain aware of their kids’ online activity and keep an open dialogue.
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